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SON-R 6-40 Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

Tuote on vain psykologien käyttöön.

SON-R 6-40 Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
Aiheet Kykyjen arviointi
Julkaisija von P. J. Tellegen, J. A. Laros, F. Petermann
Soveltuvuus Psykologien käyttöön
Ikäryhmät 6-40v
Suoritusaika 50 min
Tarkoitus Lasten ja aikuisten kognitiivisten kykyjen arviointiin. Testin esittämiseen ei tarvita yhteistä puhuttua tai kirjoitettua kieltä, joten se sopii mm. tilanteisiin, jossa arvioitavalla on kuulovamma tai eri kulttuuritausta.
Julkaistu 2014
Normitus Continuously standardised representative Dutch-German sample of approx 2,000 participants. Normalised for age, gender and education.

A general intelligence test suitable for the assessment of both children and adults.

The SON-R 6-40 is designed to be applied without the use of verbal or written instruction. It is ideally suited for the assessment of individuals with communication difficulties, including the deaf, the partially deaf and those with speech disorders. Other applications include use with children with delayed development, learning disabilities or those who are otherwise difficult to test. It is also widely used with children and adults who have little or no command of English.

The assessment consists of four subtests with 124 items in total. The tests are adaptive, meaning the assessment can be carried out rapidly without compromising reliability. The use of written or spoken language is not required during testing. The adaptive test procedure and the feedback that is given after each item enhance subject motivation and contribute to the general acceptability of the instrument.

SON-R 6-40 Non-Verbal Intelligence Test materials includes: test carrying-case, test material, inclusive of software analysis programme but not including manual, record sheets and consumable materials.

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