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Conners CPT 3

Conners CPT 3
Aiheet Autismikirjo, Tarkkaavuus ja toiminnanohjaus
Julkaisija C. Keith Conners, Ph.D.
Soveltuvuus Psykologien, neurologian erikoislääkärien ja lastenlääkärien käyttöön
Ikäryhmät 8 vuodesta ylöspäin
Suoritusaika 14 min.
Tarkoitus The Conners Continuous Performance Test 3rd Edition™ on tehtäviin perustuva tietokoneavusteinen tutkimusmenetelmä tarkkaavuusongelmien arviointiin. Menetelmää voidaan käyttää diagnosoitaessa ADHD:tä ja muita tarkkaavuushäiriöitä.
Julkaistu 2014
Normitus yhdysvaltalaiset normit
The Conners Continuous Performance Test 3rd Edition™ (Conners CPT 3™)

is a task-oriented computerized assessment of attention-related problems in individuals aged 8 years and older. By indexing the respondent’s performance in areas of inattentiveness, impulsivity, sustained attention, and vigilance, the Conners CPT 3 can be useful to the process of diagnosing Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and other neurological conditions related to attention. The Conners CPT 3 provides objective information about an individual’s performance in attention tasks, complementing information obtained from rating scales such as the Conners 3.

How to Use the Assessment

During the 14-minute, 360-trial administration, respondents are required to push the spacebar when any letter, except “X”, appears.

Scoring and Interpretation

New scores and scoring algorithm have been developed to help assessors pinpoint the exact nature of the respondent’s attention problems. The Conners CPT 3 uses both standardized and raw scores to determine not only the respondent’s performance overall but also in four different aspects of attention: Inattentiveness, Impulsivity, Sustained Attention and Vigilance.

New to the Conners CPT 3:

• Revised paradigm: New ratio of non-targets (the letter X) to targets (all other letters) to improve the test’s sensitivity to impulsivity problems.

• New and updated normative data:
-Consists of 1400 cases representative of the latest United States (U.S.) population census.
-Normative samples normed on a variety of computer models and operating systems.

• Enhanced look and feel of the program designed to reduce glare and reflection on computer or laptop monitors.

• New Scores and Score Dimensions of Attention Measured:
-Sustained Attention
-Vigilance (new)

• New age range: Age 8+

• New easy to understand clinical likelihood statements are based on T-scores and displayed as very high, high, moderate, or minimal.

Lisenssi oikeuttaa asentamaan ohjelman 1 tietokoneelle. Jos käyttäjiä on useampia, tulee hankkia useampi lisenssi tai CPT 3 Multi-Login installation.

Conners CPT 3 FAQ (Linkki kustantajan sivuille)


• x86 processor 1.0ghz ‐ class computer or higher
• Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 or higher
• Windows XP computers should have Service Pack 2 or higher installed for the Microsoft . NET Framework v2.0
• MDAC 2.6 or higher
• 1 gigabyte of RAM memory or higher
• 500 megabytes of hard disk space
• USB 2.0 port

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