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Wisconsin Card Sorting Test® Computer Version 4 (WCST:CV4™)–Research Edition


This software provides unlimited scoring and reporting for administered WCST protocols and allows you to administer the WCST on-screen.
It is considered a research edition because the norms included were obtained using the pencil-and-paper version of the WCST—not the computer version.

Features and benefits

• As you enter item responses from a previously administered WCST, the software presents only the possible valid responses to each card, preventing certain errors in data entry.
• During on-screen administration, the software automatically tells the respondent (by both an audible response in English and an on-screen message in one of 10 user-definable languages) whether the choice was correct or incorrect.
• The clinician can select all the valid dimensions to which the client was matching or simply click on any one of the valid dimensions; the software will automatically record any other dimension matches for that card.
• Reports include demographic information and test performance variables; WCST raw scores and corresponding age- and education-corrected standard scores, T scores, and percentile scores for major WCST variables; and, for individuals ages 20-89 years, a comparison to normative scores derived from an age-matched sample based on 1995 U.S. Census data.


Includes WCST:CV4 software with On-Screen Help and Quick Start Guide, 1 Set of Keytops, and 25 WCST:CV Record Forms
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WCST:CV4 Introductory Kit–CD-ROM

Includes WCST:CV4 Software with On-Screen Help and Quick Start Guide, 1 Set of Keytops, 25 WCST:CV Record Forms, and WCST Manual–Revised and Expanded
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WCST - Wisconsin Card Sorting Test